Inakekelo fm is a community radio station based in Mthambothini Mpumalanga .The station was formed in 2010 at Ndabezitha junior primary school attended by at least 350 community members from the Dr Js moroka municipality. In 2011 Inakekelo fm was registered as a non- profit organization NPO 094 -524.
Inakekelo means “to care “’,silapha ngawe is our slogan which means “we are here because of you “.The station aims to be a credible source of information and a communication platform of choice in addressing cultural, economics, health and social wellbeing of the community.
The station is located in Dr Js Moroak municipality .The municipality was established in 2000 as a result of an amalgamation of the three transition local councils, it is category B municipality. The municipality has 61 villages, 31 wards with total population of 249 705 and 62162 household.
The vast amount of land in the municipality is under tribal and communal land ownership, it is a predominantly rural with agriculture and related services as the main sectors of employment. The municipality is one of the six municipalities that forming the Nkangala District Municipality and it boarders Gauteng province to the south -west and Limpopo province to the north. (leshaba, 2018)

                                                                               MISSION STATEMENT

We strive to enrich our listener’s lives by providing relevant information that enhance their life s choice and improve the well – being of the community.
We aim to be the preferred communication platform in fostering the democratic values of the country and championing social justice for all.
We aim to be a sustainable community radio station that maximizes all the available broadcasting tools to change our listener’s lives for the better. Our content is driven by our community values.


Promote equal participation by women and men through programs and community activities that promote gender equity. Promote the rights of vulnerable people and group; promote the rights of children and people with disabilities.
Respect for diversity – initiate activities that embrace and respect of cultural and religious differences in the community economics empowerment -initiate and participate in programs and activities that promote economic development and local community empowerment.
Adhere to high standards of ethics and responsible journalism by disseminating of fair and balanced national unity and peace –initiate programs and activities that promote culture of peace co-existence and social cohesion in the community and country .Report without fear or favor to any person to gender or social status in community. (leshaba, 2018)


Our goal is to program the best content in South Africa and educate our community about social, health and environmental issues. Programs educate listeners about finance and promote local artist, actors, radio presenters and future leaders in our community.
To create employment in our community, since the youth in the community are unemployed.
• Increase community participation; collaborate with local and regional interest groupings.
• Increase brand presence in all available platforms profile and promote community rate models.
• Build and strengthen relation with educational institutions
• Develop and define governance issues and policy.
• Represent and promote the station become the leading radio station in South Africa and develop our community. (Piet leshaba, 2018)

Contact number: 0788433199
Erf No.4 C/O Nzdundza & Jamaica Str
Mthambothini, Weldevrede